People Who Give Courage and Support

I recently met a woman who works in a support role for artists. Let's call her Peaches, because she has such a peachy, perky personality; she's the kind of woman who can brighten the room by her unassuming presence. Instantly you feels enormous and sincere encouragement coming from her. To tell the truth, I almost want to touch her to steal some of Peaches's wonderfulness. You know her kids are successful people because they have her for their mom, and you forever associate her with the picket-fence-dog-and-cat happiness.

On Friday I found out she has a child who is going to have a serious surgery, for the second time in his short life; her family travels to Auckland the day after Mother's day.

I feel humbled and privileged to have known her these last couple of weeks. It must have been a horrible time for her, but she seems to have an endless reserve of, and I know I've already used these words in this short post, sincere cheerfulness. I wish all the success and happiness for the child, Peaches, and her family. I look forward to her return, and when she gets back, I want 1/100 of her penchant for laughter and joie de vive, and her humility.

And I thought that was the only lesson of the week.

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