Price of Art

I've been reluctant to get on with my commission works, because I don't want to contact the client who ordered the piece I should be working on right now.

When I sent my first ever submission to an exhibit and it was accepted, I sent her a photograph, and she celebrated with me, by correspondence. She asked how much I was asking for for that particular piece, so I told her.

A few months later, she commissioned me a piece, about twice the size of the said exhibition piece, and when we started discussing the price, she felt I mislead her into thinking my prices were lower. So we reached a compromise. Much to my dismay.

Once again she was kind enough to order another present, this one a very special one for her, and I'm reluctant to contact her because of this. I fear she's going to want to negotiate the price again. What's worse, a company that used to produce beautiful but relatively inexpensive (compared to my usual "boutique") yarns in Auckland closed shop in December.

She is one of the few returning clients, and I appreciate that. She also knows a thing or two about textiles, and I'm flattered that my work is worth ordering months ahead. And she's a lovely person.

At the same time, I can't get motivated to put in a lot of energy on designing a beautiful piece, knowing, monetarily, it's going to cost a whole lot less than the value I assign to it.

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