Monday, August 20, 2007

May I Humbly Welcome...

All those who visit/ed this blog via The August One's web site,, (and isn't that a lovely photo of the man... ), welcome. I just found the link from his place to my blog this morning. If you went to my posts recapping his workshop, please remember they don't begin to convey the wonderfulness of the experience, the camaraderie amongst the weavers that emerged, and the loveliness of Randy and Brian.

Of late, I've come to see a static (non-blog) web site as a necessary evil. As New Zealand weaver Anne Field once told me, you have to have a web site to show you're "in the business". I, too, think of it as a modern day business card, but like printed brochures, I find it so, well, static, I don't feel passionate about updating or beautifying it often. Contents there also feel more permanent relative to blog posts, and since my thinking and my work is always in flux, I don't like to set anything in stone, yet.

On the other hand, I do enjoy posting on this blog, and for the first time, I went into the statistics counter to see where you come from and how you find me. (That's how I found the link.) I checked the stats on my web site and my almost non-existing Japanese Unravelling blog as well, and shock, horror, I even get a few but consistent hits on the last.

This makes it necessary to keep the web site updated, varied and interesting, and, help me, I have to blog in Japanese. Well, not today, though; today I'm working in the basement.

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