Sage Advice

Earlier on, I tried not to listen to anyone's advice about weaving, because they confused me to no end. Lately, I'm not adversed to asking for advice from people whose work I like, or people who have different approaches from mine, and I thought I was settled enough in my work to handle them.

Wrong! I find myself trying to please everybody, my mind's hands are tied and I can't make any decisions of my own. My own "thing" is erased by everybody else's ideas and methods and suggestions, and I can't shut them up.

Time to blast some good music and try some fun-but-mindless time in the basement, methinks.


  1. Dunno how this creative process works ... but i do think it's important to just keep creating anyway, regardless of where your head's at.

    Umm, make something simple, focusing on just one new thing and let that shout down all the other stuff?

    Otherwise go for a walk in the bush, startle the neighbours (and kickstart your brain)with your KB CD at 2000 decibels or just focus on taking some great photos for a while. Whatever, welcome back!!!

  2. Make no mistake, I appreciate advices, and I do go asking for them, but then I don't know how to be selective, or to shut them off when they don't suit me.

    Unsurprisingly, this day, it was Bocceli that did the trick, once again. His throat must be very sore.


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