On Advice

I want to clarify what I meant regarding advice; I appreciate them, and I go looking for them. I need, however, to be discerning; I need to be selective, and decide when and which ones I take up, and disregard bad or untimely ones without feeling guilty, as if I'm unappreciative. Some advice are great, but come at the wrong time; some appear bad at the time, turns out to be rather great but over time. And even if I don't take them, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate the people who gave them to me. But I, and only I, can decide what to do with my work.

Once again, I'm in a situation where I need to seriously cull extra noise and concentrate on my work. I'm supposed to be making pieces to go into the hither-to biggest exhibition I'm involved with, and yet I'm dithering, putzing around, wasting life. I need to be ruthless and disciplined.

OK, I think I need to lie down now.

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