Sigh... Oh, Sigh...

Ever the optimist, Martin Rodgers, CEO (for one more week) of Nelson Bays Arts Marketing says Nelson and its arts scene will be fine, but he's off to Wellington, the Culture Capital of the nation, where the Council is happy to foot a bigger arts/culture budget. He will be absolutely terrific for Wellington, and I hope Wellington will be good to him and his family.

Ever the pessimist, I keep reading the headline as "Arts will 'Survive'". We're still receiving emails regarding projects he's initiated, but I am sighing like a teenager with this loss.


  1. I miss Welly! And lovely people like Martin... but aaaah, am sure I'd miss London if I jumped back over the ditch... Can understand the move from Nelson to Welly, and can understand it being hard to lose such a great person!

  2. It's absolutely great for his career, for sure, and probably for his partner's, and maybe for his kids' education. But, oh boy, his knowledge, connection, professionalism, and fearlessness.... Boy, I do miss him.

    I wonder if he's wearing dark suits and a tie in his new job in Welly. Just thought of that....


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