Thursday, May 22, 2008

For Valerie

This is our tree, about 30 minutes ago. While looking at the leaves more closely, I noticed there are far fewer purple leaves this year, and more of the deep dark red ones. I know the colors differ from year to year, and I'd imagine it has to do with moisture and temperature and such, but the tree looks so "red" this year.

And I was a day late for the cherry tree; more leaves fell today and it looks less dramatic. Yesterday I was weeding just underneath the cherry tree, and I heard leaves falling around me. The dead bits on lower right is a rose called Elena and it needs cutting back but Ben does the roses.

Both photos have been touched up to make them look more like the way I see the two trees.

A year or so ago, I heard on a radio interview that a Canadian (?) scientist discovered leaves don't fall on their accord, that the tree let go of the leaves as it prepares for winter. Kind of like parents letting go of children, no?


  1. What intrigues me is the hint of blue that I see in the leaves. I don't recall seeing that in North America. We have purple leaves in autumn, but they all lean to the red/purple.
    Thank you for more photos.

    I leave Saturday for the 2 week Randy D. workshop!!

  2. You're definitely right, there, Valerie. There is definitely blue in it, especially towards the left, and that's not in the leaves, just my photo. I was concentrating on the reds and the greens while processing it.

  3. And all the best, enjoy your workshop. Ask loads of questions because he's always open to discussing things, and also make the most of Brian's presence. We so look forward to your reporting back!!


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