A Greeting Card for You

I found this baby when I was weeding my lettuce patch. And a few others as well, but they are not doing as well in the pots. (And I just copied the entire post from another blog of mine! Talk about slack!)


  1. We just perfected our slackness this morning.

    One of the cords of the bedroom shade broke Friday night, and we can't shut it until the cord is fixed, so we've been sleeping in the living room this weekend. Where there is a TV. So last night, after coming home from the Giants game, we watched a string of B movies - 3 of them - with the fire roaring just besides us, the last movie ending around 3 in the morning. Come this lovely frosty Sunday and it's well after 10AM and I was blankly watching Shortland Street Omnibus (something we usually never watch) in a warm cozy couch-bed, and we hear this soft tap on the front door.

    I ask Ben to get it, and in come immaculately dressed God-baby and parents, all chipper and beautiful and stopping by for a mid-morning hello!! Embarrassing doesn't describe it. A treat to see all three nevertheless.

    Wait, this is Unravelling - this is the "classy" blog - where on earth are you making me confess my true nature!! Out you go!!


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