I'm OK!!

Thanks for those of you who emailed me to ask if I've fallen off the planet. I'm still here, at the bottom of the world, and I'm doing fine. But thanks for asking.

I've been trying to get my act together, and by that I mean, I'm not at all depressed buy trying to install some new working habits and attitudes, but I'm not seeing results yet. I'm trying to be more productive, but I don't know where all the time goes.

I'm behind in work, I'm behind in planning my SSVE scarf, and I'm behind in all kinds of other stuff I can think of, even though I don't think I've been overcommitted. I'm just doing horribly in the time management department, and my To Do lists are getting longer and too complicated. I forgot the difference between bold letters and red entries last week, and I had too many categories I had to go back to a simpler numbering system, but you don't want to know.

One thing for sure is, for the last year I tried to be emotionally prepared to turn 50, and I did a good job there. But I didn't count on how physically we age, and I seem to be spending a lot of time complaining about complaints that don't seem to be bad enough to go see a doctor about. And googling seems to be the worst thing one can do.

But I am enjoying the autumn, and luckily for me, we're having a rather long and glorious one this year. Oh, and I'm spending some time weeding the garden. Now, that's new!!


Peg in South Carolina said...

Glad to see you back! Time management is not usually a skill associated with artistic personalities. Maybe it's time to throw out the to-do lists and live? I pretty much keep only one very short to-do list and that is the next three or four things I need to do regarding weaving. Is my grocery list a to-do list?! As for turning 50 and the body going you know where....... I've just turned 70 (that was a toughie!)but yoga, weight-lifting, cardio walking or biking keep me in pretty darn good shape. Indeed, I do this stuff faithfully, time-consuming as it is, because I know it is the only way I can keep weaving, dyeing, spinning, gardening........ Plus it does good things for my health.

Meg said...

The body, the mind... Sometimes I need to be just an old workhorse, Peg. I had a sedentary life ... most of my life come to think of it, except waking, I know I'm paying the price now. it reached a point now where I don't like the gym at all, but if I don't go for a few days, I feel it all over.

So I'm on my way right now. And I'll tackle that heddle problem this afternoon.

Valerie said...

Welcome back! I have to do things a little at a time....marathon sessions of anything don't suit my personality.

The colors of the leaves in the photo intrigue me. Are they real, or edited in some way?

mrs moon said...

Hi Meg,

Beautiful colours in the photo....


Meg said...

Valerie, the colors of the Liquid Amber leaves were treated in the processing. I increased the saturation of colors. Which in turn made them look closer to real life.

I'm looking at our tree (this one is someone else's between the bus stop and my house) and I see yellow, orange, lime green, green, light red, dark red, and pretty soon the dark red ones will start to turn purple and then brown and dry. I'll see if I can get some details.

This year, however, my cherry tree is looking more impressive than the liquid amber. I wonder if it's too late to catch that one, also.

Thank you, Mrs Moon. It's really been a lovely autumn.

Dr. Crystal Grimes said...

Hi Meg, Just wanted you to know I'm sending Reiki/positive energy your way! It does what's really needed, even when we're confused and/or frustrated, etc. I can tell you, practicing Reiki has gotten me through some awful times! I've just started yoga, too, and already feel a difference after a week!

Meg said...

You know Reiki? My sister had the most astonishing result one time about 15 years ago, and Mom was with her in the same room, but nobody can explain to her what happened. She suffered from stress-related stomach pains for a very long time, and that made her face break out all over for months. And one visit to the reiki and her stomach pain was gone after one appointment, but her dermatologist was less than capable so she has some scars left from the wrong, very strong medication from that period. My sister even thought of learning reiki at one point, before she got busy with her kids. She might take it up once of these days. She started Yoga about two years ago, and when she has time, she really enjoys it. This teachers makes everyone drink gallons of water before you start, and makes the room warm and humid, so they come out drenched, which has done great things to her complexion.

Meg said...

Oh, and as for me, gym and brisk walks seem to be doing me some good, but loom time seems to be emotionally the best thing. I've been looking into yoga and also Pilate, but I do hate anything that might cut down my weaving time. The Tai Chi school we used to go to moved out of town to about 12 minutes walk from my house, so that's another option, but this is a very Westernized school of Tai Chi and Ben and I could not get our heads around it. It kind of looked wrong; such fast movements.