Loom Knitting

I was asked by Crystal of PA if loom knitting can be included in our exhibition. I've been hearing this term for some time now, but never knew what it was, so I googled and saw on YouTube how these contraptions work.

I see that it's definitely more knitting than weaving, but because it appears just as, (and I use this term with great affection), tedious as loom weaving, and because I prefer to be more inclusive than exclusive, loom knitting is in.

If we get many loom knit scarves, I may create a separate virtual room in the exhibition to differentiate the two methods, but more later. (And if you read Crystal's very first post on the kinds of charity work she's done, you, too, could not have said no, I assure you.)

I finally have a plan in my head for mine. I'm just not sure if it's the kind that would photograph well. I need to let the idea brew.

PS: Crystal's link now works. Sorry, folks.


  1. I might give it a try. Been thinking I should, but have not had a reason....until now!

    btw Crystals link is not working.

  2. I've loom knitting and board knitted for quite a few years, but it really is knitting and there not much weaving in the actual process. If you ask hand knitters they'll tell you is not "really" knitting either. But it is a wonderfully creative outlet if you do not hand knit, I started that way and then picked up hand knitting.

  3. Thanks for the warning, Lynne; I've fixed the link.

    Deep End, it reminded me of this thing I used to do when I was very little - we had these bobbin-like thing with nails sticking out the top, and we could make endless strings/ropes in different colors. Within the last year I found photos of them on the Internet and discovered it wasn't just a Japanese thing, that kids did it either in the US or UK, too, but I haven't got any idea how I found it, or what it was called.

    And it wasn't a dumbed down Kumihimo thing.


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