"Pillars" Draft Draft

By which I mean, far-from-the-final-version draft, and V1 at that.

I'm trying to get used to weaving hideously sticky wool warp, this width, and this shuttle, again; testing different weft width and combination, (four combinations in whites; will decide after wet-finished;) checking the scale of the design, and looking for threading mistakes.

I am satisfied with the colors, (very little hue, though it looks sepia here;) the dull/shine contrast; the scale vs the details, i.e. viewing from distance vs closer up, (the sample is 63.5cm on the loom); and the direction I'm going overall, though I couldn't avoid having to have floating selvedges. I'm frustrated with the number of threading mistakes I made, but glad on paper the number match, i.e. I found homes for the three "extra" warp ends. (And why are mistakes always in the in-between shafts? In this case on 7, 8, and 9!)

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