Thank You, Thank You!!

Whether you see it as 2H12 or 3Q12, it's July, and I'd like to thank all of you who sent me your one yard (or more) of yarns and for the guest posts on why we weave. I appreciate them all.

Last week I gardened n the morning and threaded the "Pillars" warp - hideously sticky wool that requires, first of all, one weak hayfever pill in the morning!  But I'm 1/5threaded; by the end of today, I hope to have 2/5 done.

We've had very early winter weather, very cold for Nelson and wet, so there hasn't been much gardening happening since the weekend, but all in good time. I'm also growing sprouts inside; it's something I used to do a bit in college but there are so many different kinds of seeds available now it's been fun.

I did pretty badly trying to finish my Junk Mail Artist's Book. I have little imagination and got totally stuck. Even doodling, let alone drawing, is not a natural activity for me and I think I need to practice; I don't like how I can't seem to mix paint to make colors I like, either. I need to practice that, too? But I have an idea; in good time, I'd like to try some of the JMAB techniques and create a tiny book of faces and human figures, but not linking lines and shapes of multiple pages. Just for fun. Soft of related to my self-portrait theme.


msthimble said...

Hi Meg, I hope that is doesn't arrive too late to be included, I sent an envelope of a few yards of yarn form some of the members of Jockey Hollow Weavers and from the New York Guild of Handweavers.
XO Gail & Fog

Meg said...

Hey, no problem, G&H. I look forward to receiving it!