"Pillars" Draft Cut-but-Not-Pasted

Not slacking off, but progress is slow on the "Pillars" draft. In the old days, I really cut and taped/pasted printed paper to try out combinations. Nowadays there is digital photography.

I created another threading, doodled in the treadling, and tried six slightly different tie-ups. Tie-up E looked best this afternoon.
Nah, not liking the wobbly bits.
Maybe. I like the short repeat, but the center is too prominent.
Ummmm.... No. Yeah??
Probably not. 

I was pretty pleased with the afternoon's effort, (even though they were nowhere near the cutout shapes,) I wanted the two symmetrical patterns to be more prominent than the center, so I modified the threading, keeping the tie-up and treadling the same.  
I predict experimentation with the new threading tomorrow.


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