Moving Right Along...

But not in the direction I had hoped.

I have the next/last cotton warp on the big loom, not because I'm procrastinating on the "pillars" project, but because I've hit a rock there; I can't for the life of me think of what kind of a draft I want for it and I stare at the grids on my weaving software every night with a completely vacant head.
The sampling for the next lot is looking good.
But the technical competence on the previous lot, not. Again. So while I stare at the grids on my weaving software every night with a completely vacant head, I'm also figuratively holding my head in my hands curled up in a fetal position.
But then good things came calling. I got an envelope from Nancy, now in ACT of Australia.
Megg is visiting Nelson for the first time in four years so we had morning coffee yesterday. One of the first things she bought in London was this scarf; I think she said from Pakistan (??), not India, but it is the colorful, very fine wool, in Paisley, but felted. And in colors I've been thinking about. Of course the weaver in me immediately thought, "Goodness, if you went to all the trouble of weaving what I can imagine as a delicate, tricky piece, why on earth would you want to...." But then I started seeing possibilities; how about mixing cotton or silk with the wool and then felting the whole piece so some parts don't felt?  Well, way down my list, that one.

Carla's Junk Mail Artist Book course is next week; a good injection of Carla always pulls me out of whatever creative black whole I get myself in, so her email this morning gave me ideas for how to experiment to crawl out of the "pillars" rubble. Hee hee.


  1. Love what you're doing with orange!

  2. Pink and orange, pink and red - they used to be so hideous together, but now, yes, they're all around!


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