For Trapunto's Viewing Pleasure

You realize, Trapunto, I put off making an October exhibition warp just for you? No, not really.
I used A in the wood grain piece. I wasn't sure if I wanted to use a high contrast weft again, (in which case my first choice would have been B,) or analogous: 1 is much darker than the warp, 2, slightly lighter, and 3 the same yarn as the warp, which looked deliciously textured. I chose 2 so the design can be seen from a distance but the texture can also be seen from the right angle. It had been a while since I wove in analogous colors, (the weft is slightly bluer and whiter than the warp purple,) and it's restful and lovely. In contrast to the shapes and lines in this draft!
The colors in this are truest of the three pics.
This is the contrast I see when I weave, except the weft is slightly bluer and darker.
Love this angle.
Am I the only one who gets joy and relaxation out of remedying such phenomenon? I have to save every millimeter of this weft as this is the green that has been discontinued in this size.
Deanna of DEA Yarns is petite and cute and lovely; she finished knitting this top the night before we met. She has asked hubby/boss Adam to see if there is any of the green left in 20/2, so fingers, toes and eyes crossed, everyone. Meanwhile, I think I'm getting even ...wider!
My warping mill and "pillars" warp yarns await downstairs...

PS: My mother just rang me to say she bought an Ashford 8-shaft table loom (60cm wide) and the stand/pedals that can be attached to four of the shafts. I thought of buying her something like that last year before I went home, but decided against it because of space constraints. She has missed the complexity of more-than-four since she sold her monster Glimakra in 2006 so we had been looking all over for an 8-shaft table loom with a bit of distance between the shafts and the breast beam. Though Ashford's length is not long, it was the most easily available and affordable on account of her having walked into a sale this week. Now I'm thinking that is a really interesting setup: she gets the benefit of the east of pedals, but the freedom of the table loom! I can't wait to try it out when I see her next.


Meg said...

Now I'm thinking this draft will look better woven with 60/2 weft. The sett is 42EPI, and on average it's been woven 25PPC with the 20/2 so far. I think I might like it better if the bubbles are rounders.

Cate Rose said...

I love those network drafts! Did an 8-shaft piece or two back in the day. Great photo of you, my dear!

Meg said...

Thanks, Connie. I think we need more mirrors in my house.

As regards the process of making and weaving network drafts, I'm not exactly enjoying the process the way I thought I would. A post on the matter is in the process.