Cotton Series

I wove two in the wood grain design; I guess it's not so bad reusing a draft as these two have different moods. And then bubbles. I'm not sure what I'm going to call the wood grain ones, just not wood-something, but the big bubbles is called "Conversation" and the small bubbles, "Idea Bubbles".
I also got two warp-end fabric pieces. I would have woven warp end anyway, but Ben's been asking me to alter some of his clothes using my handwovens; I feel uncomfortable because my sewing skill is, at best, school Home Ec level, but changing pockets or collars of shop-bought shirts sounds less threatening than creating an entire garment with handwoven fabric, so I hope to give this a go. The top piece has a slightly whiter orange in the weft than the scarf on the far left; the bottom piece weft is the darker of stone-washed jeans blue.
I need to get my photography mojo this weekend before I deliver them to the gallery.


  1. These are beautiful! For the wood pieces, how about "With the Grain" and "Against the Grain"?

  2. Meg!
    These are beautiful. They remind me of the beautiful yellow piece I fell in love with that was one of the first you showed us.
    I love looking at them.
    May I suggest... Thought Flow ...
    That goes with the Conversation and Idea Bubbles.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Vicki Allen

  3. Hi Meg, just saying I've gotten round to replying to the comment you left on my blog a post ago.

  4. Lovely rich colours, they look very striking all together. I like the long waves in the pattern too.

  5. Thank, both. I think I might go with the "grain" without the wood for their names.


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