Why Do You Weave Cloth?

During the month of June, I'm inviting you to guest-post here on Unravelling.

Subject: Why you weave cloth, instead of weaving tapestry, knitting, embroidery, sewing, sculpting, making ceramics, or carving wood and stone. Please express your personal take/thoughts/opinions, (biased ones welcome!) rather than merely posing questions, though you are welcome to refer/quote others and/or write about things/ways you rejected. Critique of other reasons/views are OK if they are not personal attacks but well-considered/reasoned. e.g. why/how something doesn't make sense to you. You don't have to a weaver to the exclusion of other art forms/disciplines/techniques, but view loom weaving as your main area. If you were a serious weaver (by your definition) and moved on to other art forms/disciplines/techniques for creative reasons, I'd love to hear why and what you're doing now.

It's immaterial if you are a "professional" or an amateur; ditto, the number of hours you actually spend on the loom per week/year. 

Rules: None, really. Choose your title; on-line pseudonym if you like; your one link most welcome. I do encourage you to link to others when referring to their opinion/work. Also, feel free to add one picture of your weaving.

I reserve the right to ask you to delve in/clarify, but I unlikely to edit your words. Email me? I do so hope to hear from you.

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