Friday, July 19, 2013


So much went wrong with the construction of this bag you only get to see wee pics. The fringes go down straight, not in a curve - I'm not that sophisticated!

It's just a tad too small to carry A4/Letter-sized books or paper. The handles are spread too far apart the bag doesn't open properly. The lining is wrinkled. I had to hand sew the handles because the "tapestry" is too thick for Mom's sewing machine. My so-called tapestry technique is too loose it doesn't stand repeated handling.

Nevertheless, this is the very first time I ever wove something with a finished product other than a rectangle in mind. So, good on me to try something new, and semi-usable. And a much bigger bonus than my "small piece".


  1. Well, your bag may not be as functional as you wanted, but it's really cute bag. I like it a lot.

  2. Oh, Meg, it's gorgeous. Carry it proudly!

  3. Well despite it's faults, it is quite awesome! You could use it for a wall piece, and tuck small goodies into it (like postcards from foreign correspondents, perhaps).

  4. It's beautiful and stylish, and will be a good place (like Connie says) to keep treasures.

  5. Thank you, everybody.

    Well! My sister-in-law, an amateur violinist, was in a concert today, and thinking that would be an elegant place for the bag's debut, I donned a black pair of synthetic pants, a black and white top, and brought this bag. It was wonderful. But I started coughing so I went and got myself a rather too-large bottle of cold tea. Afterwards Mama wanted to go to this Asian products fair to see one Indian stall, again, so we went, and I appreciate he had some nice products from all over India, (mostly dye and embroidery work on plain weave, but some of those complicated double-weave jobs, too,) but the man talked and talked and talked, and then we did the rounds checking out the rest of the stalls, (another place of interest had extremely fine Thai batik work,) and then we had to go to the supermarket because Brother and family are coming tomorrow and we really wanted to cook S-i-L a celebration dinner, and so on and so forth, and the bag was stuffed to the hilt for most of the afternoon. I was impressed that the hand-sewn handles were sturdy and safe .

    The surface has been roughed up a bit after one outing. I think I'll rest it for, like, a LONG time.


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