Thank you for your thoughts and reflections on the state of my... predicament. (State of predicament?) I appreciate them; they give me seeds for thinking. I'm half resigned I will know when the right time would have been for me to go home only in retrospect; the other half, I have to have faith my being here for now is better for Mom and the rest of the family than my not being here. Having said that, I've been cranky as I am struggling with this heat, whereas Mom says her body is starting to get used to it. (Not to mention she prefers temperatures about 5-8C above what feels good to me.)

There've been some issue arising from Dad never having drawn a Will, only verbally telling us Mom gets everything if he went first. The instruction is fine by us, it was always going to be thus, but we have to legally forfeit our shares, (forms, government offices, etc,) and since I don't usually live in Japan but am here now, I have to fill a few extra forms and go to a few extra government offices. Apparently, if I were in New Zealand now, I'd only have to go to the embassy or consulate, register my signature, and then sign whatever papers my brother gives me. But surely, folks come home when their parents pass?

So, even though I'm not helping Mom with the big stuff, but only with everyday housework, I have to be here a bit longer while Little Brother the Family Lawyer finds out what needs doing. 


Unknown said...

As I discovered a couple of years ago,anytime there's a death, there's tons of paperwork, no matter what. As the executor, there's even more, and I hate paperwork!

Love all your pictures from previous posts, especially your room arrangement. What is your purse fabric made of? It's beautiful!

margery meyers haber said...

Older people prefer warmer temperatures, because their bodies have trouble holding onto heat. Wishing you cooler temperatures ASAP! I can't even think about touching yarn when it's so hot.

Meg said...

Sherri, all yarns are dull gazillion-ply cottons Mom bought for - what's it called? - ply splitting. She has so many colors and a relatively small variety of sizes they are great for playing or color practice.

Margery, why isn't my fat melting and seeping out from my pores, I ask you. LOL.