Everybody Needs a Fish Purse

Especially during a hot, humid summer.
Though you don't have to don a wavy blue top and navy shoes, just for me, like this young woman.

I haven't been too slack, all things considered, but have been too hot and bothered to stay near a laptop for long. I promise I shall update you soon, more for my record than for your weaverly interest, about a bad warp done, another one started, and all the funny goings-on in the new faux-Cubism universe.For now, I'm off to draw more naked ladies, though on days like this, naked is not a bad idea.


  1. Meg, I had a fish purse, once, and stupidly took to the consignment shop! It was brightly hand-painted grey leather, very artsy-craftsy. I was too timid to wear it in my youth, but I would totally rock that bag, now.

  2. Oh, gee, Margery, you must use all resources, (the Internet!) available to you to track it down!

  3. Great idea! Although I have a feeling I know the woman who bought it, and that she will hang onto it for dear life just to spite me.

  4. That's kinda funny, Margery. Does this mean at least you get to see the fish from time to time?


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