"Bubblegum Ice Cream" (They do exist, though I've ever had any.) I fulled more fully than usual, which deconstructed the bouclé weft, which made this looks messy and a little tired/used, but the fringes are nice. It's a cute, practical piece, and a nice size at 70cm * 188cm and it's mighty good it was woven very large at around 84.5cm in the reed and 2m long. 
I counted the picks of the Dornick twill to make it consistent, but you can't see the twill unless you look for it. I haven't decided if I'll take this to the gallery or save it for my online store.
And the VIP Blanket, 72cm * 125cm. If I had 50cm more, this would have made a more attractive piece than the BGIC. The weft is darker in value than seen here, but it's surprising how blue it looks when interlaced with pink. I was reminded why I gave up on possum mixes; it sheds and I'm never sure when to stop rinsing, which no doubt will continue until all the possum fur is gone?? This was in a irregularly-numbered Dornick, and possibly already sold.

* * * * *

I've read 144 pages of the 222 of my camera manual, and I learned that I don't need to know most of t he stuff I read nor most of the function available, but haven't started practicing yet. I think "Lament" is going to be the most photogenic, but it could be just my taste; I'll never know until I try others, too.

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