Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Photo Thing

I need a name. For the do. Any ideas?

There is no due date for signing up; you only need to email me on/around November 14/15 with the link to our exhibition post, or before that if you are going to be away and scheduled your post so I'll remember to come around.

I'd still like a snappy name, though, so whether you're taking part or not, can you help me, please?

Please leave suggestions in the comment for everybody to see, even if Blogger continues to eat comments. Thank you very much.

EDIT: I keep forgetting to add this link, but remember you can break any rules you want. I would add you don't need an expensive camera, and cropping is a quick way to bring the cloth to attention.


  1. Gee, I thought maybe you got your hair cut!

  2. Actually both Ben and I could do with a haricut...

  3. I've been thinking along the lines of Wrap-turous or something to do with "intoxicated" but, heck, that's just me. And Dianne I just got it. Good one.

  4. Absorbed? EnWraptured? Except I don't want to use wrap because there is no stipulation as to the type of textile... "Infatuated" works for me. Some kind of a play on "Beside Ourselves"? I like the idea of intoxication but not the word...

  5. Corybantic? I had never heard/seen this word before.

  6. Corybantic [kawr-uh-ban-tik, kor-], adjective
    1. frenzied; agitated; unrestrained.
    2.(initial capital letter). Also, Corybantian [kawr-uh-ban-shuh n, kor-] (Show IPA), Corybantine [kawr-uh-ban-tin, -tahyn, kor-] (Show IPA). of or pertaining to a Corybant.

    1635-45; Corybant + -ic [kawr-uh-bant, kor-]

    noun, plural Corybantes [kawr-uh-ban-teez, kor-] (Show IPA), Corybants.
    1.Classical Mythology. any of the spirits or secondary divinities attending Cybele with wild music and dancing. ancient Phrygian priest of Cybele. - except we'd have shuttles and cameras in our hands.


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