Day 41 of 2015

Today I finished weaving the piece in the previous post. The beating is irregular, and I have no idea what kind of a shape it will end up with two yarns in the warp and four in the weft, but I'm not worried. I had to concentrate on the treadling, on weaving with a stick shuttle as long as from my shoulder to the tip of my second longest finger, and feeling the pattern weft every step of the way to extract still more plant material. The colors look pretty good in this picture.

This was high-maintenance weaving, but surprisingly enjoyable, (even though it's not the "style" of weaving I usually enjoy,) and more to the point, easy and fast. Before I started this project, I felt the desire to adjust my weaving direction slightly but I wasn't sure which way; I still don't know where I'm going aesthetically, and no doubt I can recycle the draft post once I know a little better, but I think I get more satisfaction out of high-maintenance projects.   
Now I have 12 pieces to mend, fringe/hem, wash, tag, label and deliver to the temporary Suter Gallery which opened yesterday. I can't see too many of mine in their FB store shot.
I hadn't woven for ten days as I have inadvertently become a keen weeder, a reader, and an enthusiastic cook. Although it's still hot and sunny, I have been outside somewhat regularly and feel anxious on days I don't get out; it's probably been around 12 years since I ventured out in the hot period between December and February. I'm on my third or fourth van Gogh of the year; I'm even picking up on the general attitude towards the artist at different eras in the last 125 years. And finally, the appreciation for the season that started in spring continues; it's the harvest season and although my own tomatoes are green, toms are cheap now and I made two batches of slow-roast pasta sauce in two days.

I'd like to say I shall keep weeding and weaving, but alas I have to do my tax returns in the next ten days. Then back to my lovely life. I've also received two W2W15 envelopes yesterday; I'm using them as my carrots for my tax work but I'll show them to you in due course.


Cate Rose said...

Love that weaving at the top, and that stack of handwovens ready to finish. You're being quite prolific these days!

Meg said...

Oh, Connie, you know, never anything prolific about me. Except book-buying. These accumulated over a few months as I waited for the fringing/hemming mood to strike :-)

Carol said...

The top one is stunning, Meg, really lovely. Your stack looks equally fascinating. So, weeding, reading, and weeding! And cooking! What a full life you are leading, my friend.

Meg said...

And don't forget, tax work, too. Yuck.