(Insert_Witty_Title) / W2W15 Loot Part 2

At around 3.30 today, I finished this round of my tax returns. Which should make me happy, at least relieved, but not this year. It took me six halfhearted days; even when I had less of a system and moped, dithered and complained months beforehand, the longest I spent was three or four days. What's worse is it's not going to be any easier without a better scheme, and I've got nothing other than working incrementally. Yikes.

And spend as little business-related money as possible, or not claim everything. Anyway, on to prettier things.
I just opened my W2W15 envelope from Donni and I was floored! The first thing I noticed was a card with paint strokes of beautiful colors; then a postcard of her town Woolongong, (I always loved saying that name out loud,) with her house marked with an "X"; a small sketchbook, a small painting of what I'm calling "pebbles" in pink, orange, browns, gold and white, (not a combination I would think of but works well because of the different sizes of the pebbles,) and her business card. 

But wait, there were four small bags, each containing a photograph and yarns/a woven sample in the color schemes of the photos. (Donni, are you sure you don't want to keep the woven sample??) At first glance I was intrigued by the colors, (and proportion?) she selected to represent each photo. For whatever reason, availability, purpose/end piece, time, she selected specific hues/values and proportion to send me. 

When I have a visual clue like a photo, I concentrate on my favorite hues and become tempted to use proportionately more of those; I don't worry about values at this point, and I aim for varied/unequal proportions. 

I'm intrigued. I want to observe these images and yarns/woven sample and contemplate different color choices/decisions. Thank you, Donni.


  1. What a wonderful inspiration packet! Lots of goodies there. Re: your taxes, don't you use something like Quicken to manage your expenses and income? Not QuickBooks, that's way more than you need. I've used Quicken for over 20 years, I record EVERYTHING I spend, down to the penny, and doing taxes for me, when I had to do them, was merely a formality every year. Because I was recording everything any time I spent any money. Even though I no longer file taxes, I'm still using Quicken. It's been a godsend. Highly recommended. p.s. A few minutes spent every day you spend money is way more efficient than spending 3-6 gut-wrenching days annually to get everything organized.

  2. Dear dear Connie Rose, let me count the way. Although after all these years you must know at least some.
    1) I am a drama queen and like to dramatize the trivial in my life. Somewhat. A little bit. To a degree.
    2) I was never very good at little bit every day. I know I remember my parents buying me allowance record notebooks and starting on Page 1 eagerly but don't really remember finishing using them.
    3) Over the years my accountant and I fine-tuned my Excel-sheet to match their final report so she prefers mine. In fact, the firm runs workshops on multiple (?) accounting software so I asked last week if she preferred I switch, but she said mine suits my "business" better.
    4) Kiwi purchases work fine. But I have just as many overseas purchases which:
    a) can have delayed payment dates,
    b) Paypal is less of a problem, but when charged on my credit card, the delay makes the exchange rate unpredictable, the rate is never the same as when I look it up, plus they don't show up on the online statement until a few days later,
    c) plus NZ banks can add a surcharge for purchases made overseas, (and I seldom remember to add these,)
    d) some treat postage separately so I have to add it up when I receive the goods.
    5) the expression of dates still throws me.
    6) There have been a few changes the law (?), and what we can claim, or how many % if we work out of our homes, keep changing; I'm not good at remembering these at the best of times, but this was another reason I got miffed this year.
    7) I hate being reminded how little I make vs how much I spend. Even though I can tell you I haven't wasted as much $ these last couple of years.
    And I had a couple of other reasonable-sounding reasons when I read your comment but I can't remember so they must not be important.

    I started compiling a checklist, but already this is becoming one of those long checklists it's going to be a drag checking. But as you say, "a few minutes spent every day you spend money is way more efficient than spending 3-6 gut-wrenching days annually," for sure, so I am going to try the delayed monthly gig.

    1. Okay, okay, I got it. Suit yourself, and drama-queen away! I didn't realize you had all those picayune details to manage. For me, when I make a purchase, i.e. place an order for something online, I record the expense right away. But I don't have to deal with international mumbo jumbo, excise taxes, currency exchanges, etc. that you do. I also use a debit card for everything, meaning the money comes out of my account immediately (if it's a local purchase) or as soon as the purchase is shipped at the latest. Meaning I don't have to deal with grace periods, card statements, and the like. Anyway, carry on, my dear.

  3. A drama queen like myself really must have a more dramatic life, otherwise I'd sound a tad demented. Ah, well, I do! LOL. But this year, I'm starting to keep records incrementally. Oh, I said that already. Then... weeds beckon.


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