Monday, February 23, 2015


And this is why I don't even try to estimate weft amount; I thought I had 90-120cm, and I got 201cm.  I could have done another pattern unit, (1.5cm,) but I wanted to save the weft in case I come across something similar.

There was something right about me weaving this piece; it's in the style I like to weave. It was surprisingly easy and fast, but I'm not sure if I have needles skinny enough to mend, and I can't see the mistakes. This piece is going to be great photographing, if I can capture the sheen.

#2 I have the weft but don't like the draft; #3 I have the draft am not 100% sure about the weft, (D in the sample two posts back,) so tomorrow may be Fringe Day 1, or weeding day.

When not under tension the warp bunches pucker but I think it goes away in the washing; at least it did in the sampling without pressing. Fingers crossed.


  1. This looks amazing, love the pattern and the colors!

  2. Thank you. This morning, Ben asked me what direction this piece is going to shrink when I wash it, and now I wonder if I wove it too closely, (too many PPI) but too late. Onwards to the next one.

  3. Love the design! Unless the silk weft was really tightly spun and plied, it might shrink more than you expect - but probably not as much as the fine wool warp.

  4. Oh, fingers crossed, Sandra. It's not tightly spun at all - in fact it's more like just loosely "bunched". We'll see...

  5. I'm not sure how somber colors like these will do in Nelson, but I love these elegant combos, Carol.


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