Living the Life

Of a weaver, that is. It's pretty good, but absolutely nothing else is happening. Love it.
The hellebore warp is hard on the body but I have made progress and will finish after one more sitting. Un/fortunately there is enough warp for one more piece, which will take five or more five days to weave; I shall finish it/them after the elephant blanket is delivered. Apologies about the horrible picture, afternoon light was coming straight in and I couldn't see what I was doing. Suffice it to say, the piece is a little less pink and a little more red/orange.
I made the elephant warp Wednesday afternoon. I always had difficulty photographing reds with my digital cam but now I'm finding this teal impossible, too. It's bluer than this and has yarns from two different dye lots. And the red is really red, even though it contains red and pink ends in equal numbers. 
This is how I get 6m on my warping board. I plan to weave around 150cm in length.
And weft candidates. And I have this Do-I-really-want-to-go-there project brewing in my head using the elephants. (Hint: tied weave!!)

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