Moving On

I finished the purple/pink piece. Un/Fortunately there is warp left for one more proper piece so I started the next. 
These are weft cones. I use gradation often; I know it is a facile way to create a pleasing, (or more importantly for me, pretty) look. "They" say using complementary colors can produce astonishingly beautiful effects, but that appears to me to be a hit-or-miss thing, while analogous colors never fail.  
This is 3/8 of a repeat; the whole piece will need roughly three and a half repeats. Pleasing colors make the weaving go faster.

* * * * *

I spoke too soon yesterday when I said there was nothing else happening. In the tie dye department, progress has been super slow because I prick my fingers too often and I grew tired of it. One of Ben's sleeves even has my DNA to prove it. But I finally managed two more. Stitching/tying I grade myself 7.5/10 but the dye job 2/10 mainly due to my impatience. For starters, I can't even wait for all the dye to dissolve before I plunge the shirts in. Ben is allowed to wear the long-sleeved shirt only with a vest. Get it?
The long-sleeved shirt has leaves traveling up to his neck on both sides. The color is slightly greener.
The short sleeve T with a seven-minute tie/stitch job. Easy but effective and room for investigation.

I have two more short sleeve Ts for Ben and two winter tops for moi.


Laura Fry said...

Wow - love the leaves traveling up the sleeves. :)

Meg said...

Thank you, Laura.