Baby Elephants

I got back on the loom bench once after the tension problem with the hellebore warp was "remedied", in quotes because it's been a delicate operation, less than ideal, but I shall stay on course for the duration of this piece, unwind the remaining warp, rewind, then weave the second piece. Meanwhile, I've been obsessed with another project, one that was supposed to come after the Hellebores and another; I felt guilty about turning the order around, but it's worked out better. I think. I'm learning about the new-to-me 2/  merino which comes in a few nice colors. Anyhoo, without a lot of blather, I'll just show you some pics.
It's a baby blanket, where of course softness/hand is paramount, and besides my usual complaint about soft NZ merino being unavailable/unaffordable, I have been sampling to see if I can emulate even a fraction of the niceness by doubling/tripling other merino yarns, changing sett more crammed and less so, and aiming for longer floats. My gut feeling is, the process which makes yarns machine-washable take away that dense-tiny-air-bubbles-trapped-in-the-wool feel, but I can't back it up with facts.

This softness problem prevents me from moving ahead; I keep changing my mind about sett and pick, so can't figure out the proper ratio/dimension/size of the baby pachyderms. At least I know the round, fat ones please me more than skinny, more realistic "grownup" looking ones.

Off to make another short warp for sampling.


  1. Sampling. It's a good thing!

    1. Yup. The fun part for me. But sampling on Louet Klik is a little trying on the old patience. And back.


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