Saturday, August 15, 2020

Like a Pro: Timeline

I copied the italic portion of the timeline from May 3 post for my benefit. It's been a little unnerving not gauging life against Corona/levels timeline in this strange year. As many of you will agree, time in 2020 seem to pass so quickly and so slowly at the same time, and since June 9/Level 1 I've felt as if I lost an anchor. Strange because without anchor/calendar is how I've lived my life for the last several years, and it is not to say I enjoy a plague lockdown, but I also can't hide this strange new comfort I find in the collective, national timeline.   

* February 3, Diamond Princess quarantined at Yokohama.
* February 28, first confirmed case in New Zealand.
* March 5-14, there were five positive cases for ten days, prompting now-celebrated Ashley Bloomfiled to reject all kinds of measures because, "We [are] not there yet," which is why I am not a fan. Always reactive, even when proven wrong, (need for testing, PPE guidance/rules regarding supplies to medical professionals, and lay people wearing cloth masks,) he's adamant. We could have done even better.   
* March 21, Jacinda announced the four alert level system. Two cases, #40/#41, tested positive in Nelson.
* March 23, Jacinda announced we would be entering Level 4 on March 26. (In retrospect, with each of her announcements, we entered Level 2 on March 21, Level 3 on March 23.)
* March 26, we started the "initial" four weeks of Level 4 isolation.
* April 28, we moved to Alert Level 3. The most notable change is the reopening of food pickup/delivery.
* May 14, we moved to Alert Level 2. Reopening of different organizations are staggered; school on Monday, bars a week later. For all intents and purposes, most businesses are open under a slightly loosened social distancing rules. Focus has moved to tracking.
* June 9, we moved to Alert Level 1. This allowed us to "go back to normal" within the borders, while the borders stay open only to returning NZ citizens and residents, and people with special dispensation, mostly business-related. 

* August 11, Day 102 of no domestic transmission, one family in Auckland had four members test positive, though there were no immediate connection to overseas travel. Jacinda announced Auckland Region will go into Level 3 and the rest of us to Level 2 starting midday August 12 to the end of August 14 unless a different announcement followed. We had been warned for some days that the resurgence is a matter of when not if, and I can't help wondering if they knew something, or it's just that other places have had genuine Second Wave around that time. All I remember is Viet Nam, on their day 101.
* August 12, Ben started working from home again.
* August 14, Level 3 for Auckland and Level 2 for the rest of the country will continue until the end of the day August 26 unless otherwise announced.
* August 30, Auckland moved to Level 2.5 while the rest of the country remains in Level 2.  
* September 22, areas outside Auckland moved to Level 1. 
* September 24, Auckland moved to Level 2. 
* September 25, Ben resumed working at work, in town. 
* October 8, Auckland also moved to Level 1. 


  1. It is indeed surreal. Today I pressed the latest batch of tea towels that I finished hemming last night and will go weave on the second half of the current warp. My neverending story - tea towels forever and ever...

    1. I saw your pictures. Peculiar times, Laura. At least we're not additionally burdened by fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, or storms, on top of everything. Or explosions. Also makes me wonder if I'm on the right track cooking a lot because at least out meals have improved this year.


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