Area Exhibit Opening Part 1

Tonight, the Area Exhibit opened at the Suter Gallery in Nelson.

Even though I live in Nelson, I belong to the Marlborough Weavers, a region 90 minutes east of Nelson, because this is a group for weavers. In Nelson, the groups are geographically divided, so in any given group, there are weavers, spinners, knitters, and felters. So for me, belonging to a group focusing on weaving is more suitable at this time. Having said that, there are some terrific people in the Nelson groups, so it's good Marlborough and Nelson groups belong to the same Nelson/Marlborough/Buller Area of the greater New Zealand Spinning, Weaving, and Woolcrafts Society, and our annual Area Exhibit covers all of us. (That should be enough for a study in New Zealand geography.)

Tonight was the opening of the this year's Area Exhibit. I hate openings, of any kind; I never know what to say, and blabber on while my brain shuts down; but still, it's nice to be there. A certain curator, whom I'm trying to impress, was speechless while I went on about how my pieces were products of a mistake.

The McKee Gallery of the Suter is, to be honest, an unattractive space; it has low ceilings, no natural light, and is an awkward rectangular shape. But the Nelson group did amazingly well presenting the works attractively.

Many wore garment they wove, knitted or felted, and this is one place where we are allowed to walk up to a stranger and feel their clothes, with just a smile and a nod. Heavenly.

I think I'm supposed to say, good time was had by all.

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