I Want to be a Good Weaver (Area Exhibit Opening Part 4)

It appears to me that in the past, the Best Use of Color award in the Area Exhibits have been awarded to colorful pieces, not necessarily ones demonstrating the makers' knowledge of color theory, which is what I thought was the aim of the award.

I think a lot of us thought another piece, a Kimono-style garment with three different handwoven fabrics, would win the top prize; I certainly thought so. But I'm still glad Colleen's installation won because it gave me a lot to think about.

Still, I shouldn't get so worked up by these openings and by others' works; I finally felt mildly sleepy at 1:45, but was up and thinking again before 5:30 this morning. And I have to give another speech at Toastmasters at 12 today, for which I'm ill-prepared.

But all in all, I think what I want the most is to be a good weaver. I don't know when/where this concept of me as an artist came up, (yes, I do; it's when I joined Arts Marketing and began being included in the category "artists", because I didn't belong to catetories educators, arts administrators, or art purchasers/gallerists. ) And, sure, I want to be able to make pieces that move viewers/wearers, but above all, I want to be a good weaver. "What's wrong with that?" Ben asked me last night. Absolutely nothing.

I'm remembering my humbler (at heart) days when I was tickled pink to just say the word "weaver" out loud, in private, of course. But then, you know me, I'm sure the pendulum will swing the other way again.

Oh, and the Toastmasters, for my Speech 3, I'm talking about Color-and-Weave and optical illusions, and I'm spreading the word for the Exhibit as well.


KB said...

Hello there stranger!! Nice post.

I too am "tickled pink" when I say "Yeah, well, I'm a songwriter"!! hahaha

Ummmm, also, you ARE a good weaver Meg. I get worked up when I listen to other children's songs!! It bugs the hell out of me that people are actually BUYING some of it!! aaarrrggghhh!!

Meg said...

Thanks, Kath. Do you think we'll ever know what we're doing and where we're heading, or 30 years from now, will we still sit in my messy living room and wonder what we should do next?

The only thing I can think of is that we'll worry less, perhaps, but it's not like passing 7th grade.... That is, if neither of us have given it up in 30 years.