Megg Hewlett and Colors

Last week, when I met with Megg Hewlett, we talked how a joint exhibit can have creative coherence, and discussed using similar colors. We grabbed a few balls of her yarns, and mixed and matched and tried to find a starting point, then she gave me samples of those colors. These are not her usual colors, but immediately she liked the combination, and I think she was already designing Bag 1 in her head. But it takes a long time for me to observe colors, combinations and proportions, and then to decide whether I like them or not. So for a week, I've been carrying them when I'm out, and they sit on the coffee table when I'm home.

Today, when I was photographing the first Christmas present scarf, these samples were sitting nearby. And after I shot the scarf, I was amazed how many of these sample colors were in my scarf. I mean, look.

I admire Megg for being so at ease with colors, and for her spontaneity. We're really going to have fun trying to build an exhibit together.


  1. The colours are my colours, I'm loving your Megg already. When will we see a photo of her work?
    (Look up your Randy D. samples.)

  2. Aha, you might like her other stuff, too. Never thought in terms of who is like whom in terms of colors they like, but I think you, Dianne, might like her other colors, too. I'll see her tomorrow, so if she has a bag, I'll photograph it.... Otherwise... August?????

  3. I loved reading this post -- and the one above where you are giving the two Megs/Meggs numbered scores(?) .... I hope to heck you two really do accomplish an exhibit together. I'll be reading with great interest (and of course, salivating over your colors and concepts) too-la-roo ...

  4. I'm not really keeping scores, Maureen, but she has all these gems popping out of her mouth that time spent with her is so enlightening, entertaining, and great fun.


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