Edwin Sumun Photographs

©Edwin Sumun. Photograph posted with permission.

Eddie is a theater guy, an actor/producer?/director/teacher ?, as well as a semi-professional?? photographer. I have all these "?" marks because I've never met him, but surmise from his various photo blogs' posts.

He posts all kinds of photos, but I am hopelessly enamored by his people shots: theater mates and backstage, vendors on the streets, and friends' and family's babies. I suspect, either his keen interest in people visually led him to the theater, OR his life in the theater honed his skills in capturing faces and expressions so beautifully. Though, again, I've never asked him so I may be wrong.

I find this an interesting contrast to what I've done most of my life, which is to listen to people's speeches. Without intending to eavesdrop, I've enjoyed listening to people's voices, intonations, and pronunciations, as well as phrases and wit; I used to want to be a playwright. Although I can't remember the contents of conversations, sometimes I can recall a person's manner of speech quite vividly.

Here are some of Ed's photo blogs: Flickr, Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo (though sadly this is no longer posted daily), and Vision 20/20. For the best of his theater photos, see here, here, and here.

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