Mindblowing Ideas

The scarf belongs to Jay Farnsworth, created by Miranda Brown. From what I can tell, it was woven in twill, then dyed using shibori/tie-dye, (possibly the shibori design incorporated on the loom), and felted. This is light years away from my old-fashioned images of shibori; I was in awe.

I had another meeting with Megg Hewlett, but I have nothing concrete to report. We were throwing concepts, words, and vague images. Bliss.


  1. Could this be the resist dyeing technique of shibori 'itajime' which is cloth folded, held together with shaped pieces of wood and clamps, and then dyed.
    google Angelina DeAntonis or Ocelot Clothing.

  2. Itajime is an interesting technique. I like its potential for bolder designs, compared to the draw-string method. I really like the boldness and simplisity of this design. But I've never seen shibori work with such clear boarders, and the shapes in very near the same sizes. Clearly, I've not done enough of shibori, along with a bunch of things; clearly this piece works!


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