The Book and Jewelry

A little over a year ago, I was jumping out of my shoes to see my name in the latest Nelson Arts Guidebook. Lately, I've been having to look in this book to find friends. Which, to me, is a remarkable thing.

I don't wear jewelry, but have always liked looking at them, or watching jewelers at work, and have played around with the idea of taking a short course on jewelry making just for the experience. I love studying people who wear jewelery well, and I've also been interested in matching broaches to scarves and shawls.

The reason why these two paragraphs appear in the same post is just now I had to look up jeweler Liz Kendrick because we are in the process of doing a swap; a shawl for Liz's friend for one of Liz's broaches. And she's having to make a smaller broach for me because I'm short, and I do well when pieces are somewhere between 60-80% the normal size.

Well, I better dress that loom and get cracking now.


Anonymous said...

I just thought that maybe the next time you do a market you pair with a jewelery maker as your scarves and shawls would pair with the broaches. Plus its always more fun with a friend. anyway just a thought as I catch up with your 2008 progress.

Meg said...

Hee hee, Lynne, that's exactly what I was thinking after I spoke to Liz. Something to keep in mind, definitely. And we could even collaborate from the planning stage and have a theme; colors, shapes, etc.