Megg Hewlett Again

This was a good weekend. Today, we met Megg Hewlett for breakfast. We've both been busy at different times the last six months so we hadn't really time for visiting, but this morning was wonderful. She's had a good break and she is now a proud owner of a Lumix (same Panasonic digital camera as mine, but newer and a black body; Ben's a bit nutty about black body cameras).

I was happy to report that I sold one of her bags at the Market, but sad to return the other 11 to her. I shall miss them adding vibrant colors in my studio.

We'll be meeting regularly, starting tomorrow, Monday, for regular walks on the beach together.

2008 is going to be a terrific year.


  1. Meeting regularly with a friend for walks is one of the most enriching experiences I know. Enjoy!

  2. Yes, absolutely, Peg. It prompted me to go to the gym for the first time in 2 months!

    The only problem is Megg is so much taller than I, and her "relaxed, slow" walk was my "rushing on the beach" speed!!!

  3. I see your walks as a scarf - the colors of water and sand, the pace of Megg and Meg, the colors of Megg and Meg and how all of these aspects of nature and humanity intersect. Oh Meg, please weave it someday!

  4. Maybe someday, Lynne. But Megg is walking quite frequently, and I'm afraid for a while keeping up with her pace is going to be my top priority. I keep telling her she must bring her camera also, so when that happens, I'll be able to catch up with her as she stops to shoot.

    I'm getting breathless just thinking about it, but Lynne, this is where you're more of an artist, and me an old lady. Good idea, though. Definitely.


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