So, 2008

My To Do list this morning includes:

* 3 commission pieces

* Cross Country Weavers sample exchange samples

* 1 exhibit opening in mid-Feb; I'd like to weave at least three pieces for the selectors to look at.

* 2 possible micro exhibits; one I need to wait until the organizers set their schedule for the year; the other I need to get back to the organizers to say when.

* Collect data on other deadlines, e.g. the New Zealand Weavers, Spinners and Woolcraft Society National exhibit, Area exhibit, etc. I know I have newsletters scattered around the house; I need to put dates on the calendar.

* Continue discussion on a possible joint exhibit with Megg Hewlett.

* Overhaul stash room and make it a usable design room. I have too much stuff, including non-weaving projects. I'm not sure what to do with all the stuff, as my stash room is only a small bedroom, and I haven't got any more space for additional shelves, but I don't want to throw away anything at this point. I find having different variety of things inspiring; I do need to store them in an organized and easily accessible way.

* Dismantle and oil the two floor looms. Make necessary tools, e.g. a raddle for the tiny KLIK loom, replace and/or sand down new sticks on both floor looms.

* Complete the Design Merit course I signed up for in 2004! (I am shocked to find I signed up this far back; the main part of the design course, I signed up in 2002 and finished in 2004, which was bad enough!)

* Dye.

* Ummm.... send out my "work" Christmas/New Year card 2007. Lordy.

What have I been doing?

* Digging up non-weaving projects and rethinking/redesigning them.

* Sewing a little. I finally clothed my naked living room cushions on Christmas Day, and I remembered how much I liked sewing. I was never much good, but I sewed often in high school. I would like to make little things out of my fabric samples, including simple vests.

* Painting. And you're supposed to gasp. I can't draw nor paint, and my sketchbook is full of words, photos and magazine clippings, and child-like line drawings. Some are so bad I can't even recall what I intended when I drew them.

I was led to Simon Schama's The Power of Art - Mark Rothko episode on YouTube yesterday, and was totally inspired, so I brought out my paints. The results were hidious, but I managed to have a modicum of fun when I didn't think too much. I should try to do this, and draw, more often, just so I learn how to have fun.

I found the hardest part to be mixing paint and coming up with the colors I want. And knowing when to stop, but not stopping until it's time to stop.

I think, most of all, I want an unrushed year, even if it means I won't be able to participate in as many things as last year. Now that I've learned to weave more or less continuously, and by that I mean consistently do things that will improve/contribute to my weaving, though not necessarily working on the loom, I hope I can have a year of input and still create cloth at the same time.

Now, what have you been doing so far?


  1. Your rumminations on art v. craft inspired me.
    Leah's talents with technology have inspired me.
    Combine the two, toss in a dash of my own creative process and I am considering starting a new web ring. thinking......

    Then there is the usual list of the creative:
    make more
    do more
    live more
    learn more

    Yep, another year of great growth and excitement has begun!

  2. "A dash of" your creative process? I think not; you have loads, Lynne.

    One of the things I've been struggling with is time spent on computers, too. In 2006, I spent much too much time reading others' blogs and studying photography - a good way to learn things and enjoy the company of others, and to cut down on TV time, but not a lot of output on my part. In 2007, I was too busy and posting on my own blog was about all I could manage, and rarely read others'; I found I missed learning opportunities, triggers for thinking or looking at my work or life from a different perspective, or just the joy of looking at something someone else made with their own hands.

    I hope to find a happy balance there, too.

    Looking forward to your 2008 adventures from downunder, Lynne.

  3. ahhh Meg (blush) thanks.

    I have been spending too much time on the web lately, but thats because I'm not near my looms for a month. So lots of research for my next big projects, chatting with other artists and getting ready for the pendulum to swing into creative land. All this research is getting me thinking that if I could get some of the craft/art/techno people I know on one blog then we could exchange/inspire/collaborate more easily. The challenge is IP/copright issues surrounding our own work.

    At the the moment the web is like a magnetic pole, both attracting and repeling.

    May we both find a balance point on the web threads.

  4. Well, Lynne, when it's working for you, don''t stop!! Interesting idea, your joint endeavor.

  5. And, ahem, over 2 hours on the net this morning already. Yeeeeeeeek.

  6. Go with the unrushed year and throw out the goals! This will give you a chance to catch up with yourself. Then this will give your weaving a chance to catchup with your newly discovered side.

  7. Serendipitous, shall I say, Peg. I was just over at your blog saying how I decided not to police my processes. I'm letting things happen this year, and I'm looking forward to it.


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