Thursday, October 28, 2010

Japan Pics 6 of ...: The Wall in Question

I've been wanting to experiment some more with fine Summer & Winter and colors because of something Baby Brother and Sister In Law commissioned in May 2008 soon after they started building their house: they wanted a huge piece hanging on a two-story wall in their house as a main attraction, much like something they saw in a bed-and-breakfast in Wanaka in 2005.

When I visited them earlier this year, in their almost-one-year-old house, my sister mentioned how she loved seeing the different ways scarves are displayed in exhibitions.  I was relieved the piece can be more pliable than a regular wall hanging. Oh, and by the way, says my own baby brother, "We want Ben's photos on the main wall, so... "  Sister-in-law chimes in, "Because a wall piece would have required such a big piece, and so much work for you...."  Even though they even organized the hanging that withstands a bit of weight.  Frankly, I wasn't sure if my commission was off, or if I were to consider another position, but one "possibility" they offered was a wall, behind a door, that's usually left open!

After the initial shock, I decided I was going to impose myself on them anyway, and started looking around for interesting spots.  The one I've been thinking about is the top of the stairs, behind a small recess.  You can see this from the kitchen, the living room, and the upstairs family room.  And because of the recess, I'm planning to make a piece much like a wider, longer shawl, so Sister-in-Law can experiment and change the tying/hanging style.  I'm particularly interested in the light that comes in from the narrow window on the right. 

That's a commercial sized wine cooler Baby Brother bought on the Internet, from memory.  They are both wine connoisseurs; and yes, it's full! Their house looks bland in these photos, but in fact they have many interesting textiles and art piece she collected over the years that in fact it's quite colorful yet restful.

The entire wall to the left of The Wall is glass, the bottom part being folding doors leading to a deck, but everywhere else there long, narrow windows, which, during the winter nights gave cozy, lovely protected feel, but during the day, gave me claustrophobic shivers.  I had to take a walk to the nearby train station/shopping center once or twice.  Baby Brother and Sister In Law are in their late 30's and early 40's, both working long hours and they like to go out on weekends so I guess the house fits them well now.  They do have plans to build a more relaxing, open home when they start considering retirement.  And my Sister In Law being a sensible, cautious, intelligent type, I'm confident somehow they'll manage it.  If my brother doesn't keep buying more cars and commercial-size wine coolers on the Internet, that is.

Family, eh!  (And he's my favorite sibling!)

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