Saturday Daydreaming: Trying New Ways of Photographing Textiles

I've been getting some advice from a friend on the Isle of Man, Jane, about interesting ways of photographing textiles.  She has interesting ideas, some way too adventurous and out of my comfort zone, but others I just never thought of;  I'm starting my experiments with the latter category.

These are not such examples; I was just looking at the world through my sample, and boy, doesn't the world look lovely, all in my fav colors! 


  1. In case anyone is interested, some of the things at the top of Jane's head earlier this month were:

    "As textiles are warm, go the opposite and shoot again...st metal/glass mirrors at angles for unusual reflections. A lava lamp behind the textile, candles flickering. Movement. Take down the beach on a windy day and tie to a kite and run or have someone waving and twirling them and catch the movement. Tie to a helium balllon and raise to the ceiling. Let me think on this further.

    "Hanging from a bare tree, shot from below against a pure blue sky, or one of your fantastic sunsets. I was thinking of those trees you see in the middle of nowhere covered in one object like shoes for leaves. Quite eye catching.

    "Glass and mirrors are always good. You appear to have twice as much in the shot and colours zing if you arrange them in a fan shape.

    "Foil. Bouncing all the light, reflects the colours and can look like a lake or if scrunched rapids."

  2. Love those photos, Meg. Am wondering how they would look printed on fabric and quilted!

  3. You're more than welcome to try, Connie. I don't really understand the printing of photographs on fabric, to be honest. I've done some primitive printer-paper iron-on and the photographic technique of screen printing, but that's all.

  4. I've been thinking of having a photographer friend shoot mine without any art direction from you know who just to see what she comes up with. But she refuses to charge me and that leaves me with offering her a scarf for her trouble. I suppose it's a fair trade? But maybe I could do okay on my own? Her photos do tell a story though. I'd like to see what she does with them.
    -- dana

  5. Dana, I'd say go for it, the swap, worth seeing your work through someone else's eyes.

  6. thank you Meg. I had not thought of that as a benefit. I was rather thinking, I really have no use for the photos, since I am not selling my work as of yet. So maybe now I will take her up on the offer!


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