Monday, November 1, 2010

Goodness Me, It's November Today

Like my name in the photo, an idea for analogous Summer & Winter weave with interesting shapes have been on my mind awhile, but I can't figure out the shapes part.  Since August, I've been waiting for some kind of a serendipitous revelation, because several attempts at systematically understanding it have failed.  I thought to bring out all my gold threads to see if I'll be inspired; these are mercerized cotton, silk, rayon and polyester.  Though they were pretty, nothing.

I'm sick of waiting now and it's November and I feel bad I've done nothing of substance this year, so come rain or shine, (and it's a beautiful Sunny Nelson day outside!) I'm going to "get it" today. 

That's my To Do for the day.


  1. OMG, Meg, I know that November is summer for you, but outside my window the trees are exactly the colors of gold I see in your photo. And the maples are every shade of crimson and red. I know the red probably won't fit, but those goldens say Autumn to me, Autumn in all its brash, exuberant glory.
    BTW, you have done something of substance this year. You've become my friend. I'm just egotistical enough to believe that has to count for something. :)

  2. True, true. So nothing of substance on the loom. Autumn.... my favorite season. I can't wait for mine, which is about... April. After 16 years I'm still not used to my birthday being in the autumn, though.

  3. A shame that new book on Summer & Winter is so delayed - waiting on mine too but I can't try new things as looms threaded for blankets for shops for some time to come. Hope you figured it out by days end.

  4. At around 4.30, Dianne, I had to put it down, and didn't go back later in the evening, but watched mindless US and Aussie crime shows instead. I'm getting back to it this morning, though, pronto.


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