Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Friday Night Rain"

This is what I got from this warp.

As mentioned before, the color areas were created by unintentional/accidental placement of the colors in the variegated yarns.  In real life the cloth is not as glittery as it appears here, but this mohair mix, in various colorways, has always been difficult to photograph.
The warp is 110/2 (2/17) merino; the weft is merino/mohair mix.  Both were commercially dyed in the same/similar color schemes of lavender/lilac/purple/dark forest green.    I used three short similar-but-different drafts, weaving sometimes from the top of the file, sometimes from the bottom.  This combination of yarns usually creates a light, almost lacy cloth, but this piece turned out a little heftier in comparison.

Scenario: running to a social function after work on Friday night, in a city somewhere like Tokyo; rain starts to descend, but the spirit is filled with anticipation/celebration.

I had a hard time with life around me going on as per usual and media blasting continuously about Christmas sales.  Everything felt very hollow, cheap, and shouty.  But it was nice to finish a piece.  


  1. I've just joined my local fiber guild, and I'm learning to weave (at age 48 10/12ths). Ha! I am so excited. I don't know what took me so long to figure out what creative thing I wanted to do when I grew up. (I don't think I was a very creative child or young adult. Way too much BPD going on in my head and my life to stop my mind long enough to take on creative endeavors, I guess!) I can only hope that just one of my pieces will--one day--be as beautiful as this one. It is gorgeous! This is the kind of piece that inspired me to want to learn to weave in the first place. (I believe I saw the piece in Robert Redford's "Sundance" catalog.) Anyway, your work is simply amazing.

  2. Meg,it is simply beautiful!

  3. Hey, what's on your loom now, Sampling?? I'm revisiting Log Cabin after your last post!

  4. Meg, that is stunning. Aren't you pleased you revisited that warp now?

    (Look! This is me, with time to read blogs! Remember times like that?)

  5. Geodyne, are you in Tassie now? Enjoying the spring/summer yet??

  6. Meg, I am just starting on the P2P warp. Aiming to finish it by Christmas so we can put a new year's eve warp onto it!

  7. Well, good for you! I'm really looking forward to that!!

  8. Meg: Not in Tassie yet. I'm sat under the covers on a futon in a half-renovated flat with no central heating or hot water, with a small electric fan for company, watching the snow fall outside. It's beautiful, and makes my position all the cosier!

    I'm pretty much just catching up with friends and waiting for the flight now. I get into Tassie on Saturday.

  9. Geodyne, I "worked" with this woman in IBM Oz in the 80's, (though I was in Tokyo,) and visited her after the Bicentennial. We kept in touch for a while but eventually lost touch.

    Last week her husband discovered a Christmas letter I sent her in 1997 and she tracked me down yesterday, and it turns out she's been in Hobart for 4 years now.

    Small world.


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