Not a Pretty Picture

My weaving records have been so bad (i.e. almost non-existent) I don't have the measurement of the Big Brother's blanket nor the Little Big Brother's, but I'm sure they were longer than they were wide. And I thought I learned not to use new-to-me yarns on commission work, at least when I was in a hurry, but I just had to try it, didn't I.

What is on the living room floor is 113cm long (plus 11.5cm fringes) and 139cm wide, even though the sample shrunk to between 123cm and 126.5cm,  (The fringes haven't been trimmed yet so they look longer.)  The weft, a fluffy 4-ply merino, felt wonderful while weaving but did not full as much as I had expected, and worse, the warp was allowed to shrink far more than I have ever seen (about 22%) in the five years I've been using it, (around between 10-12%).

Besides, what's with the erratic beating anyway?

Good thing I have enough warp for one more blanket.  I have a similar-looking, ever-so-slightly harder 4-ply merino that fulls a lot lovelier.  I'm going to stare at this for today and decide what I'm going to do on Friday.  (I have to help dismantle the Changing Threads tomorrow.) It sets back my next urgent job by a few days, but can't help it, it's my fault.

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