Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh, [insert_choice_word] !!

So, this is a lesson in not solving a more-complex-than-usual problem when your adopted country has been hit by the worst natural disaster in her history, followed closely by your country of birth being hit by two of those and one of the man-made variety.

I thought I checked it enough times while I wove to make sure I was on track but look what I just took off the loom less than six minutes ago!

And to think that while sampling, I had it right. Grrr...

All I can say is, thank goodness I always put double the warp for commission pieces; it's just a matter of tweaking the draft on the computer.  Oh, and then weaving.

Still, great for Weaving Booboos.


  1. Oh yeah... I think I'll go dig a hole and sit in it awhile...

  2. You poor thing, the anguish.
    Come on, pick up the pieces and try again so you know its right before you go on holiday.

  3. Dianne, surprisingly, I'm neither disappointed nor feeling terribly bad about this. It's more like I can't stop laughing hysterically.

    Ben just came home and asked, "Why? You got the sample right." Why indeed. It's my chaotic draft-naming system in part; "yo", "yoyo", "blah", etc., until I finish the piece and archive the drafts.

  4. Its happened to me on a double layer double two tie whatsit threading and, yes, I got the sample right but still managed to weave a whole Queen size bed blanket before discovering the mistake.

  5. You mean, I'm not the only one? Goodness, that's a relief. It's the "Whatsit" that defeats me...

  6. I feel the frustration! However, I also think, a hearts with half&half blanket is kind of lovely. At the very least, some food for thought! But I recently did a double weave blanket and had to resign myself to a pointed twill because the complicated pattern I chose just wasn't happening (certainly not without access to weaving software!) I really do love this heart pattern.

  7. As I was finishing this piece, that is, finishing weaving, since it's appears to be so popular, I was thinking of uploading it to, but it's a good thing I didn't, as I am back to the drawing board. At least I'd like to figure out how to make a one-design-per-side draft, Julia.

    But it is a toast piece.

  8. Wow, that's something! After you had it all sorted in the sampling and everything... I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that. At least you have the very good excuse that your head was preoccupied with weightier matters.

  9. Oh, no, Cally, I'm only the specialist in such mishaps. But I find this one almost funny... Because I was so certain when I started weaving the blanket. And the weightier matters must have been the upcoming block weave workshop!


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