What Life Throws at You

Still tired, though yesterday was good.  I didn't revise my Block Workshop material, but got out a few interesting books from the library. Taking down Changing Threads was harder than I imagined - harder probably because everybody said how easy it is to take down exhibitions, but then there is the unsmall matter of packaging them for post, and though we named and saved all packaging material, it was still hard to know if some of the more delicate pieces were securely packaged or not.  I think I paid more attention to the work yesterday than when we hung the exhibition. 

Today, we were supposed to leave for Auckland for a three week holiday in Japan.  Instead, I'm still dithering whether to go to Blenheim for the day to shoot moody pictures for the Festival.  (It's 10AM and a 90 minute trip there.)  I'm tired, and part of me feels disgruntled about not being able to solicit cooperation in this area; most everybody in Marlborough Guild lives in Blenheim; surely someone is interested in photography, or knows someone who is.  I've been pleasing for pictures of Marlborough from the start of the year, but as usual, I only have one collaborator, trusty reliable Rose Pelvin who unfortunately has had problems with her camera battery.  Not great weather is forecast for the weekend, though if there is any sun to be found, it'll be today; Ben thinks we need to stay overnight to make the best of today, but I don't want to spend gas and overnight stay money after our holiday.

I'm just physically tired and it makes me grumpy.  I'll be find once I see the lovely Dry Hills, (which I understand hasn't been so dry.)  If Ben does a good job, I'll show you why I love Blenheim scenery.

By the way, The Sketchbook Project 2012 is on.  I can't decide if I want to do this, after the disappointing feeling of the last effort, but if I do, I'd like to sign up earlier rather than later.  Do leave a comment if you're going to sign up - it'd be nice to know I'm in good company.   


Meg said...

Re The Sketchbook Project, there are heaps more interesting themes this year, that alone is worth exploring.

Unknown said...

I liked the "stich and fold" them! It souind like it would be an amazing experiance to submit a sketchbook that you are proud of, unfortunatly i never like anything i darw, and i can't stick to ideas! although, I am very very very tempted. =)
Tell me if you decide to do it, And i hope you start feeling better, Defitnitly enjoy the scenery!

Meg said...

I saw that. I thought it might have been in a response to the textile artists who participated.

This morning, I was leaning heavily on "Yes". Tonight I'm a bit too tired chasing the sun. (Sporadic, in Blenheim today - even less in Picton.) Hannah, have you ever been to Pollard Park in Blenheim? I've always been so envious of them for having such a wonderful beautiful park but it was absolutely glorious today. We had a lovely walk for a better part of an hour!

Anonymous said...

I thought about it last year, but on reflection was glad I hadn't signed up as I ended up over-committed as usual. I am so tempted by new projects... but would I really see it through? I'd love to think it would change me a bit... but would I just get fed up with not being a sketchbooky enough person? Yes, I probably would. This isn't helping you is it? I am just in a grumpy mood, I think, after spending all day putting together notes for a workshop and finding that they sound ridiculous!

Cate Rose said...

I'm not planning to do Sketchbook 2012. I'm a tad disappointed that only 2 people have signed out my 2011 book, not that that really matters to me, that wasn't why I signed up to do it in the first place. It was a viral kind of thing, but I find myself playing closer to the vest this year, artwise.

Meg said...

Cally, that's exactly why I did it, (and also because I read Connie's post), and I wasn't happy with the finished product, I was glad I took part. And if I were to do it again, I'd know what sort of things I want to do.

I did it as a challenge for myself to do something a) without planning ahead, which didn't work in terms of the final cohesion and "order" of things but b) sustained me and made me do a little bit each time, which is so hard for me.

And like my drawing, it wasn't a "this is how I'm going to make my name" sort of a project.

Still, it's a bit of a commitment and I worried about mine not being good enough when I saw other people's blogs. So I think one needs a really clear positioning of the project in one's greater art making, and something of a idea (I hesitate to say vision) of what the outcome looks like, though this last can be changeable.

Connie, I, on the other hand, was chuffed two people signed mine out. As mine wasn't that great, I was still pleased two folks found it curious enough to take it in their hands.

I think because my first effort was on the crappy side, I appreciate the chance to redo and make something nicer.

Meg said...

Re. the sketchbook topics...

"Fill me with Stories" appealed to me since Day 1 - I resonates how I plan a piece.

"The Companion Books" I would have chosen if it were singular, book, and not books.

I like thinking about the concept my sculptor friend Tim Wraight has been working on - what if future archeologsts came and dug up his work; how would they interpret them, and the lives and times of us living here now? In that vein, at first "In Fifty Years" appealed to me, but 50 years is hardly a recognizable length in archeology, and "Prehistoric" in textiles seems to assume a certain material/aesthetic that I can't reconcile in my head yet.

Still pondering.