Whoa, Not Again!

I thought we had two weeks before Ben has a week off, but noooooo, I have this week, and then Ben has next week off. Meaning I've got to get my act together, since towards the end of Ben's week off I also have the Block Weave workshop in Blenheim.  So, time to make lists, do laundry, iron, pack, follow up on people I wanted to see, forget any of the above and finish and send off the hearts blanket, etc., etc., etc. I always always think I have more time to get ready for anything, and find out I don't.

Included in one of the "etc"s is to set up the first meeting for the Group.  Which is why I'm posting this in haste.  Your comments and suggestions are helping us greatly in prepping.  So if you have anything else you thought of, I'd so appreciate you adding them either under this post, or that.

Now, dishes seem like a good place to start.

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