Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday that Was

At Lunch, Ronette told us she subscribed to Australia's Craft International magazine years ago when it first started.

Meg:  "Oh, yes, Australian Craft International!  Or Craft Magazine from the British Craft Council. They'd be my first choices..."

Ronette: "To have your work shown in?"

Meg: "Ah, well... I was going to say... if I were to win a year's subscription."

I guess you had to be there.

* * * * *

Not good news at the physiotherapist.  I am definitely overusing the arms and they are inflamed.  I'm now allowed between five to ten minutes of weaving, weeding, anything.  And typing, not good.


* * * * *

I thought I should add we banter a lot, so Ronette's suggestion of trying to get my work on either of these magazines are not serious. 


  1. So sorry about the bad arm news. Probably best if you don't do anything to aggravate the situation. With that small amount of weaving allowed, I'm thinking it would be better to do none at all for a while...hard as that might be.

    Hope you have a restful weekend, my friend.

  2. Nah, you don't want to subscribe to Crafts Magazine. It's all ceramics, ceramics, ceramics and sometimes a bit of glass. Textiles appear less and less often. Very annoying. Not as annoying as the inflammation, though. What on earth can you do that doesn't involve arms? Hopscotch?

  3. You have to take it easy!!!!!!!!!

  4. Connie, I finally had to ask Jean, "So, what CAN I do?" and she said, "Nothing for a long time, especially tasks where the palms of the hands are facing down," and she clarified that long time means 5-10 min, BUT I shouldn't just rest the arms all the time because like a broken leg, rest-only will weaken the muscles. Conundrum?? To put it mildly. I wondered if I can weed with my palms up. Seriously. Perhaps I should plan on a couple of days of being holed up in the movie theater for the whole day. I should have done it last week when the International Film Fest was on...

    Cally, really? Ben's work's library has some - perhaps they are old, I didn't check. Ever photo in those volumes were sublimely, well, craft-focused and heavenly to me. But Hopscotch sounds good. I can do that. For a wee while!

    I had a wee giggle because Ronette likes to push students to think bigger and aim higher. She's had a few textile students do just that and has had success in the US and Europe, i.e. further afield/bigger markets. With me, it's a bit of a joke, but she knows I want to reach beyond Nelson/NZ in due course.

    Anneliese, well, yes. I have to. Come late Nov/early Dec, I have to get serious about a few exhibition submissions, (all Top of the South stuff, but...) so I have to be ready by then.

  5. I think I have been miffed at Crafts since an issue a couple of years ago when they invited curators to nominate "bright young things" in craft - none of the people they invited were involved in textiles, so not surprisingly they didn't pick any young things working in textiles. That made me fizz, but it also made me start monitoring their coverage! They do include textiles, of course, but they really do seem to prefer hard things to soft ones. Grumble grumble grumble.

  6. Ahhh.... If they don't teach it in schools, there won't be too many bright young things working with textiles, ergo fewer (or none) being picked up by this type of organization or publication, leading to less visibility of the craft in general, leading to... (Cue, Chopin)

    From what you've been telling us, it appears a sad but natural progression in Scotland for the time being? Sampling ( told me, and I think it's OK to disclose, that she entered her P2P2 piece in the Royal Melbourne Show ( just to keep the category alive.


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