A ha!

I'm getting better at being the owners of two bung arms. I can weave in 15 minutes increments, though it is still very trying. I look for tasks I think won't require the use of my thumbs, and on the way I've been doing lots of odd jobs I've neglected, plus gradually tidying my stash room, and having enough presence of mind to think of the office bookshelf as well.  (There has been no logic as to why some books are here, or over there, and the situation requires a solution.)  I even managed an hour of gardening this morning, slowly and inefficiently, but at our place, any work outside helps.

Just before coming inside, I was putting a few firewood into these boxes - I drag them across the floor now instead of carrying wood to the living room.  It's been a warm winter interspersed with freakish winter weather, and the last couple of weeks, totally spring-y except for the last couple of days.  I even heard the word "snow" but that's further south.  Anyhoo, I noticed I was lifting a rather large piece of wood with my left hand exactly in the manner that got me where, so I dropped that, lifted it with my arm, and come inside. 

Somewhere between the garden and the shower, I had a light bulb moment.  I seldom recycle weaving drafts, not even the "Rococo" ones; I never reuse a commission piece draft, and only ever recycled one from an exhibition.  That I remember.  Although my favorite, Tapa, was designed for and submitted to the biggest exhibition I participated in so far, Re:Fine in Wellington, it didn't make it there nor in the smaller Re:Fine in Nelson.

This morning, I thought I'd like to weave it again.  I have two versions of it, and I don't know if I'll just use one or both, or rework the basic idea, but I think it suits Group R's exhibition title, "Beginnings", because New Zealand is where I started weaving.  Something Japanese, something Minnesotan, and something Pacific?  I'm going to be busy!

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