They're Not as Bad as they Look

Well, some days are bad, but in general these are preventive, to stop me from rushing around doing housework, gardening, and sneak-weaving.  At least they slow me down.  A little.  And the new black one is so much more comfortable and yet restrictive, it was worth the investment. 

I'm frustrated I haven't learned how to live with this, and I'm sick of  being ignorant.  I even reminisced that with depression the physical lethargy matches the mental, but no, this is more tolerable than that.

I went into town Tuesday so I wouldn't do much harm,and as a result I felt great yesterday and pretty much lead a normal life.  Naughty.  I even gardened for an hour, but by last night I was regretting that. Ben told me I cannot garden today, so I've been mapping out my projects for the foreseeable future and trying to memorize the time line; it's not just about weaving and submitting, but planning Festival-related tasks, and my Philosophy professor and the Mrs coming to visit from Minnesota in February.  I haven't seen him since January 1982, I think. 

I've been taking my mind out for walks to help plan what to make to submit.  One of the things I had intended to revisit was Geodyne's P2P2 piece; I was most interested in the weave structure, but once I looked at the linked draft more closely, I realized the cloth is far more complex because of her weft variety/choices.  Geo also directed me to this Weavezine article by Bonnie Inouye, which lead me to a pleasant afternoon in Bonnie-land.  I still require multiple readings of her texts to grasp the scope of possibilities she discusses, but one of the great things about being exposed to Bonnie's thinking is I am reminded every time that, even putting aside colors and textures for a moment, there is so much I can do with threading, tie-up and treadling.  And in the style of curves she discusses in the article, a foot loom (or a table loom if I can be bothered) gives so much more freedom to design as I weave.  I am thinking of a sampling warp on 4-shafts to play with before I commit to a pre-planned treadling on the computer-controlled.

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