Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quiet Weekend

It's hard to imagine how many of our lives' activities involve using the hands palms down.  It's an interesting existence spending the day trying to use the hands as little as possible.  Yesterday, when I should/could have been reading, I stayed on the computer all day long, part of the time looking up photos of textiles, fashion, and iconic brands from Downunder.  With NZ's national festival/exhibition in Blenheim and the fourth Changing Threads in Nelson on the horizon, I've been wondering if I could weave fabrics for and sew spoof versions of these most blokey of garments.

Australian Drover's Coat from Folkware Sewing Patterns.  I suspect these were made of olive-colored oilskin, but wool could work, especially if I'm not constructing a proper garment. 

Swanndri brand wool bush shirts with hood; my understanding is, the red and black check is the most iconic. 

Just a thought.  I'll have to practice sewing with wool, especially if I have to match checks, and before that, I'd like to make Ben's Happi.

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