It's Good to be a Weaver

Goodness gracious me, what a difference a day makes, indeed.  I wrote most of the Mumbling post yesterday, so it's been around 24.5 hours since I decided to forgo the perceived, prescribed methods of designing. "My Ego", though boisterous, isn't steadfast nor patient, so I didn't battle or convince it, and it didn't try to blackmail me with guilt.

I feel like my old self, listening to Telemann, weaving (in two lots of 15 minutes only) Log Cabin, exercising and winding Mom's weft in between, ruminating on my inevitable cloth. What a life.

Earlier in the day I spoke to Ronette about something else, but inevitably our conversation turned to textiles, and I caught myself referencing in my mind my Like/Make list.

I think when you allow yourself to be yourself, things have an easier time falling into place.  And we're coming to a lovely end of a gray and rainy but good weekend.


margery meyers haber said...

What a life, indeed! I love that you listen to baroque music when you weave. Glad you are getting back into the swing of things.

Cate Rose said...

Your last line, Meg - very well said!

Meg said...

Margery, that, and NZ hiphop and Gregorian chants and Cook Island drums, and... almost anything.

Connie, "Later"? ;->